OpenColorIO v2 is Officially Available!

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OpenColorIO is a color management solution geared towards motion picture production with an emphasis on visual effects and computer animation. It can act as a ‘gateway’ for many VFX applications that do not natively support ACES to be part of an end-to-end ACES color managed pipeline.

OpenColorIO v2 is a major update and contains a large number of new features including:

  • A more accurate GPU renderer and faster CPU renderer
  • More accurate ACES transforms and support for the Academy Common LUT Format (CLF)
  • New mathematical operator types and inversion support for all operators (including 3d-LUTs)
  • Better support for display color spaces and ICC monitor profiles
  • New color space properties such as categories to support a better user experience
  • Refreshed website and documentation for upgrading to v2 to make it easier to learn and faster to find the information you need.

Thanks to everyone on the OCIO teams and at ASWF.

More information and links to downloads here