ACES Logo Program REsources

Getting Started

The ACES Logo Program is intended to promote consistent and high-quality implementations of ACES concepts and technologies.

If you are a hardware or software company interested in building support for ACES into your products, we encourage you to download and review documents 1-3 below.

1. ACES Logo Program - Product Partners Introduction

A short description of the ACES Product Partner Logo Program.

This will help you understand the benefits of the program.

2. ACES Logo Program Description and Product Qualification Criteria

The primary document that describes the Logo Program concepts, the various product categories (e.g. camera, color corrector, etc.) major and specific features to be implemented by ACES Logo’d products, and a list of deliverables that should be provided for proof of implementation of those features.

This will help you determine requirements for your product.

3. Logo Program Application Form

You can be accepted into the program prior to doing any of the work to verify that your product is within specification. By applying you are acknowledging your support for ACES and intention to bring your product into spec.

This is the application to become an ACES Logo Product Partner.

Logo Program Materials

After being accepted into the program, you will use the "Product Qualification Form" to create a submission package containing specific product data and images to qualify specific products to be Logo'd.

We provide these in advance so you may review if you choose.

4. Product Qualification Form

This form is the "cover-letter" to be submitted with a Product's submission package, which will demonstrate how your Product implements the specific features. It also describes how to structure your submission files for upload and how the review process is scheduled.

Your company must have already been accepted into the ACES Logo Program prior to submission.

5. Reference Data Set

A supplement to the ACES Logo Program Product Qualification Criteria that can be useful when generating proof of implementation for some of the more technical requirements. Includes sample source and destination reference images, test image pipelines, relevant test files, and/or pointers to where additional documentation and implementation guidance can be found.