Making “The Life Ahead” with VENICE and ACES

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Thanks to ACES Product Partner, Sony for this story about “The Life Ahead” and their use of ACES.

Getting the look, on set and in post

The production’s on-screen look is the direct result of a close creative collaboration between Angus, colourist Paolo Verrucci and digital workflow supervisor Francesco Giardiello.

“The project was worked on in ACES, so also an LMT [Look Management Transform] was created by Francesco” notes Paolo. “This LMT was characterised in particular by very saturated colours and cold low lights. In this case Francesco and Angus did a great job on set, so I had the opportunity to start grading through a CDL [Colour Decision List], which meant that I spent less time matching and I was able to use my creativity to the fullest to obtain greater quality in the resulting image.”

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