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Lots of ACES news and discussion planned for HPA this year.
Rancho Mirage, California
February 18th – 20th, 2020

Tuesday’s Super Session will feature an amazing workflow demo with multiple cameras, color correctors, daily systems, cloud workflows and all color managed by ACES!

 Here’s the sizzle reel for the Super Session: 18

We’ll also have an ACES presentation on Thursday at 2pm featuring ACES Chair Annie Chang (NBC/Universal) and other members of the ACES community.

Plus…ACES breakfast Roundtables and more!

Here’s the schedule with links to register if you’re interested!

2020 HPA Tech Retreat | HPA – Hollywood Professional Association

2020 HPA Tech Retreat | HPA – Hollywood Professional Association

The HPA Tech Retreat is the pre-eminent gathering of industry-leading thinkers and innovation-focused companies engaged in the creation, management, and dissemination of content.

2020 HPA Tech Retreat

Update 2/18/20

Wow! It’s ACES all day at HPA Tech Retreat!

JZ introduces the HPA Supersession “HPA Makes a Movie” – The movie was color managed using ACES.

Zeiss and RED talk about their Metadata interoperability Uploading: IMG_7863.jpg… and preview their work on film “Stucco” (also color managed by ACES)

Josh Pines from Technicolor explains ACES and how it helps manage the color pipeline

Peter Postma from FilmLight describes ACES workflow for “The Lost Lederhosen” and how he used Prelight on-set at the DIT station.

Patrick Renner from Pomfort shares his experience using Live Color on-set for the HPA movie and his thoughts on ACES Metadata File (AMF) – the former ACESclip metadata carrier that will be revised shortly with the release of ACES 1.2

Bill Feightner presents his ACES pipeline (and integrations with and others) at the HPA Supersession

4:10pm Andrea Chlebak, Senior Colorist at EFILM does a remote grade from Hollywood, while we watch on a huge projected image in Rancho Mirage…using ACES of course!

Day 3 – ACES Update.

Great presentations from Annie Chang (NBC/Universal), Patrick Renner (Pomfort), Doug Walker (Autodesk) and Carol Payne (Netflix) about their experience using or implementing ACES. Here’s the deck we presented:ACES HPA 2020 v5 FIN-sm.pdf (8.2 MB)

Here’s the article that ETC and writer Debra Kaufman did on the session: 1

Annie Chang gives an update on the ACES 1.2 and 2.0 efforts and a few comments on ACES use at NBC/Universal

Patrick Renner talking about his experience implementing ACES and his participation in the AMF Virtual Working Group

Doug Walker talking about his work as Chair of CLF Implementation VWG

Carol Payne showing a few Netflix shows that have used ACES as well as why Netflix values color-managed workflows and ACES