Transferring Looks with ACES and AMF (from Pomfort)

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A must read article from ACES Product Partner Pomfort that offers a good history and use case for AMF.

Two quotes from the blog, but it’s only a 12 minute read, so click through!

“This article introduces the ideas around the ACES Metadata Format and illustrates what makes it different from other “look formats”. AMF is an open standard developed by a community of vendors and users, and with joint effort, it can become an exciting option to build new look and color management workflows – starting on set and reaching even beyond post-production.”

“Livegrade, in its coming major update (due in March 2022), will add ACES 1.3 support for its AMF export – now also including full CLF support (reading and writing). Importing looks as AMF files will be added shortly after, and Silverstack will inherit these features once they are rolled out in Livegrade.”