IMAGO Panel: ACES 2.0 at Euro Cine Expo

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Friday June 28 at 8:45am PT (17:45 Munich Time)

Roberto Schaefer, ASC – AIC will moderate a panel at the ECE 2024 Symposium at Euro Cine Expo with Industry experts who will discuss innovations in ACES 2.0 and the ACES system.

Panelists will include:

Miga Bär • Workflow consultant and NSC Associate Member

Francesco Luigi Giardiello • Production Technologist – Imaging Science (EMEA+UK), Netflix

Felix Hüsken BVK CSI • Colorist

Nick Shaw • Workflow Consultant, Antler Post

Alex Forsythe • Senior Director, Science and Technology, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, IMAGO ITC Member

Steve Tobenkin • Global Adoption Lead, ACES, IMAGO ITC Member

The panel will be recorded and posted here then available.

Here is the short intro deck that was presented by Alex Forsythe on the panel