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Alexis asks “I have used ACES, can I use the ACES logo in Credit roller?”

Hi Alexis,
Great question.

Right now, the only people/entities that are allowed to use the ACES logo are ACES Product Partners, who are equipment/software manufacturers who have joined a program sponsored by the Academy to insure that their inclusion of ACES file management and color science meets the specifications set out by the ACES technology and leadership committees. We’re in the process of writing specifications for facilities that use ACES and movies/productions that use ACES to be able to apply and be granted the ability to use the ACES logo for their facility or in the credits roll of their movie as you’re asked about. This extension of the ACES Product Partner Program is not yet available so unfortunately, depending on when you need to finish your production it may not be ready for you yet.

In the meantime, please list your ACES production on IMDb and Shot on What using the instructions on this link: How Can I Add My ACES Show to IMDB and ShotOnWhat and feel free to contact me regarding the use of ACES in your film privately at steve[at] There may be a way that we can feature your use of ACES on the forum or in a newsletter etc.



Steve Tobenkin
Marketing/Adoption Lead | Academy Color Encoding System (ACES)
E: steve[at]