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ACES really knows no borders!

ACES Project Vice-chair Joachim Zell was recently in Mongolia for the “Hollywood in Mongolia” Film Festival. The festival is aimed at learning experience from world-class experts, initiating collaboration between Mongolian and Hollywood artists and organizing capacity building programs for national filmmakers.

ACES concepts were shared and of course local customs observed (we brought the “swag”!)

From left to right Vanja Cernjul ASC, Tsendee Myagmardorj, Kees Van Oestrum ASC, Bayartsetseg Altangerel Festival Director and Joachim Zell ACES Vice chair
ACES Workshop
From left to right Joachim Zell ACES Vice chair, Nomin Battulga Executive Director, Rudy Youngblood Actor, Bayartsetseg Altangerel Festival Director, Becky Munkhbayar Secretary General, Bolor Erdene Naidannyam Art Director, Khulan Baasanjav and Vanja Cernjul ASC
Outdoor Activities
Indoor entertainment