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The ACES Team has released details on the projected release of ACES 2.0 to ACES Product Partners and other industry developers. They will integrate the new ACES features and release to end-users later in 2024.

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  1. Can someone explain what the Milestones mean?

    • What exactly do ACES 2.0 Developer Release and ACES 2.0 User Release mean?
    • What does ACES 2.1 contain?
    • Has the work on the Look Library already started?
    • Is there some information about the IDT Database?


  2. These are mostly for internal tracking purposes.

    The “Developer Release” will be a release of CTL code to partners who need to implement the ACES algorithms in their products. The “User Release” will be an announcement to the user community that ACES 2.0 is out and ready to be used in key products. The user release will occur when ACES 2.0 has been implemented by key product partners to make the use of ACES 2.0 in production viable. We will work closely with key partners on this plan.

    This is just a place holder at the moment indicating ACES will continue to be developed.

    Not quite yet. We have been discussing it with colorists who we hope will help us build the looks, but we have dependency on the output transforms.

    Our intention is to split the IDTs from the main “aces-dev” repo. The hope is to allow this new repo of IDTs to continually evolve. There will be IDTs that have been provided my camera manufacturers and an area for user contributions. We hope to provide CTL and CLF version, but are working out the details. Frankly, your feedback on this item would be greatly appreciated.

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