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ACES Community Members,

Today we are happy to announce the release of ACES 1.2: it includes a series of new features and enhancements that fulfill the ACES 1.0 vision and sets the stage for ACES 2.0 development. Key new features and enhancements include:

  • A new specification for the ACES Metadata File (AMF) that replaces the ACES clip-level metadata container (ACESclip)
  • An updated Common LUT Format (CLF) specification with new operators and implementation support
  • Additional color space conversion transforms (ACEScsc) for expanded working space support
  • Updated ACES system versioning that includes enhanced support for vendor-supplied transforms types, improved TransformID consistency, automation support and more
  • Minor bug fixes and documentation improvements

ACES 1.2 is a “minor” system release. This means the update does not change the Reference Rendering Transform (RRT) or modify the existing core transforms beyond addressing reported bugs and/or inconsequential formatting/whitespace changes. It also means the system will continue to be referred to ACES as “ACES version 1” in conversation and documentation.

ACES 1.2 details:

  • The ACES Metadata File (AMF) specification, described in Academy Specification S-2019-001, replaces the ACES Clip-level Metadata File Format (ACESclip). AMF offers a simplified means to describe the transforms necessary to configure an ACES viewing pipeline for a collection of related ACES image files. AMF supports mechanisms to communicate the ACES Look Transforms and the working color space in which ASC CDL-based “Looks” are applied. This enables the communication of Look information throughout production, post-production and final delivery. An XML schema for the AMF and example AMF files are also included.
  • The Common LUT Format (CLF) specification has been updated to address feedback from the ACES Community. The updated specification adds additional operators and substantially improves the documentation to more clearly communicate its intent. An XML schema is also included to aid users and implementers in CLF file validation.
  • A series of new ACES Color Space Conversion transforms (ACEScsc) have been defined to provide built-in support for common working spaces for the application of ACES ASC CDL-based Look Transforms.
  • ACES System versioning has been updated to support additional vendor- and user-supplied transform types, improve TransformID format consistency, version control for the TransformID format, and to provide a means for automated systems to recognize the presence of ACES TransformIDs and identify their versions. All transforms in the ACES reference implementation have been updated to conform to the new TransformID format.

This is the first ACES system release developed under the revised organizational structure and development procedures described in Academy Procedure P-2019-001. The new structure and development procedures were modeled after those adopted by the Academy Software Foundation, with the goals of increasing community visibility into ACES development, enabling greater global participation in the ACES development process, providing accountability mechanisms, and better documenting the decision-making process.

We would like to thank the members of the ACES community who have actively participated in the development of ACES 1.2 through and within the various Virtual Working Groups. We believe, through their participation in the updated development process, the result is a stronger ACES release that better addresses the needs of the motion picture, television and broader content creation communities.

Please check and the ACES Twitter and Facebook feeds for the announcement of an upcoming webinar where we’ll be discussing this release in more detail and you can ask questions about how this impacts you (in a positive way, we hope) as an ACES end-user or implementer.

With much appreciation,
ACES Leadership