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What is AMF?

AMF is an acronym for ACES Metadata File. The ACES Metadata File is a “sidecar” XML file intended to exchange the metadata required to recreate ACES viewing pipelines. 

ACES has many system components that can be pieced together to accommodate simple to complex workflows. Without AMF, when exchanging ACES images during production, there was often missing information required to fully describe the viewing pipeline or “creative intent” of that particular image.

In other words, ACES provides the ingredients for a robust color pipeline, and AMF is the recipe.

Here are some examples of the questions AMF can help answer:

  • “Which version of ACES was used?” (ACES Version)
  • “Is there a creative look?” (Look Transform)
  • “How was this viewed on a display?” (Output Transform)

Transporting this information is crucial to maintain consistent color appearance. This information also serves as an unambiguous archive of the creative intent.