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Using ACES Reference Images

Reference (or “golden”) images are provided to help implementors or users verify their implementations of the reference color transformations.

Each image file provided is the output of one of the CTL transforms included with the ACES System Release.

Two primary images are provided: one pictorial and one synthetically generated test chart. In addition, one DPX file that is representative of a film scan is provided for use with the film-related transforms.

“SonyF35.StillLife” (pictorial image)
“syntheticChart.01” (synthetic image)

The reference images are organized into sub-directories named for the general category of transform or color space that they are intended to be in. The individual filenames indicate what transform the image was processed through.

Reference images are available here.

To confirm your implementation of each transform:

  1. Use your implementation to process the “input” reference image appropriate to the transform being tested
  2. Compare the output from your implementation to the provided corresponding “output” reference image