Which DCI-P3 ODT to use?

(Ze Santos) #1

Hi, I’m going to be grading my first project with ACES.

I’m working with Resolve. I’ll be doing the Grade on a Barco Calibrated to DCI White and DCP mastering is going to be done on Clipster.

What ODT is the correct one? DCI-P3 (D60 sim.) or (D65 sim.)?
Resolve’s Manual doesn’t even differentiate between the two.

There’s also the Rec.709 (D60 Sim) version, what is that used for?

(Charles Boileau) #2

It’s a creative choice and both are good. D60sim (ACES WP) will give you a "warmer’ WP to start with. And, d65 will look d65.

Both masters will be in DCI-P3 as both D60 and D65 are just simulated.

Then whe you go to 709 you’ll choose the matching ODT. REC709 for Dci-P3 D65sim and Rec709 D60sim for DCI-P3 D60sim.



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(Christophe Brejon) #3

Thanks Charles for your answer. I have kinda stupid question : what do you mean when you say

d65 will look d65 ?

D60 sim will give a warmer look but could you describre what sensation D65 will give ? It is just out of interest. I am also wondering if there is any standard in the industry ? Someone told me that the industry or the VFX industry was slowly shifting to D60. Do you know if this is true ?

Thanks for your help,

(Brian Leleux) #4

D65 will be near pure white(think of 6500K), so it may be perceived as fairly cool depending on the surrounding hues.

(Christophe Brejon) #5

Thanks Brian. Much appreciated !