Resolve 15 and ACES 1.1

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(Geoff Boyle) #1

I’m having a weird issue with R15 and ACES.
If I use ACES 1.03 I have no problems in SDR or HDR
When I switch to ACES 1.1 all possible selections of HDR ODT result in all my clips going black as does the output of my Decklink card.
Switching back to ACES 1.03 puts everything back to normal…

(Dean Du C.S.I.) #2

At present, there are some problems with ACES 1.1 of R15.
ACES 1.1 version GPU can only display HDR correctly in OpenCL processing mode.
In addition to this problem, there are some other problems, all of which have been notified to BMD engineers by email, waiting for the repair version update.

(Christiaan Daniel Wouda) #3

As of DaVinci Resolve 14, only ACES 1.0.3 is supported. (I’m on

(Edit: misread, got ahead of myself. Apologies)

(Geoff Boyle) #4

yes but this is R15.1`which does support ACES 1.1 or at least it’s an option

(Dario Bigi C.S.I.) #5

Do you have/are using AMD or Nvidia GPUs? Both use Open CL. Differently. Try Preferences / System / Hardware config - OpenCL not Auto. It will use Cuda if running Nvidia. Also Update your drivers if you haven’t already.

I am on windows 10 not doing HDR. Had a similar issue with RED Helium/NonHelium sensor footage not being processed by a RED card. Helium only uses CPUs. I’m speculating on a work around for you.

(Geoff Boyle) #6

Thanks, set to OpenCL and all is well.
Latest Cuda drivers for GTX 1070 already loaded.

(Geoff Boyle) #7

Latest Resolve version 15.1.1 fixes the issue with black images.