Testing ACES LUTs with non-ACES workflow

(JerryHookins) #1


I am currently testing the ACES LUTs which, as far as I understood, they are able to emulate the ACES workflow (LUT’s that emulate the ACES workflow). In this way, a single LUT will be equivalent to the complete IDT+RRT+ODT workflow. Additionally, some .ctl are provided to create “ad hoc” .cube files (LUT’s that emulate the ACES workflow (repost)

Now, my (first) question. How could I check if one of my CTL-generated LUT are correct (i.e.: if it matches the related ACES result) ?
I red many different posts on the argument here, unfortunately I was not able to obtain much. I have found the link to https://github.com/ampas/aces-dev/tree/master/images . I will try to explain my workflow with an example:

  1. I choose the “golden” image: camera/syntheticChart.01.exr;
  2. I generate the LUT from ACESlib.Unity.ctl and apply it to syntheticChart.01.exr ;
  3. I compare the resulting image w.r.t. the ACES/syntheticChart.01.exr .

Is my workflow correct? In this case, Did I reproduce only the Input Device Transformation (IDT) part of the ACES workflow or the whole one ( IDT+RRT+ODT)?

I got confused also because I have found the following repo: https://github.com/ampas/aces-dev/tree/master/transforms/ctl which I am not sure how to connected (or use) together with my workflow.

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