Test files for CLF implementation deliverables

Dear CLF Implementation working group members:

We agreed at a previous meeting that we want to produce a set of test CLF files that would be part of our deliverables for implementers.

Following up on my action item, I’ve created a spreadsheet on Google Docs with a list of proposed CLF test files. This is based on the set of files currently in OpenColorIO on GitHub, but I also proposed a few others (yet to be added).

The main purpose of the spreadsheet is to make our discussions more concrete by being able to refer to very specific test files.

Please edit the spreadsheet or reply in this thread to add a description of any tests you think are missing. Please add comments on any tests you don’t like.

The files on GitHub are still for CLF v2, so they need to be updated to v3 and have a few other fixes made (I’ve started making notes to that effect in the spreadsheet).

This is just a strawman/starting point, we will discuss further at our meeting tomorrow.

Here is the link: