Sony Venice + DaVinci Resolve

(Shibbir Ahmed) #1

Hi there.

Sorry if this has been asked already. But about to do my first Aces/Sony Venice DIT job. I’ve never implemented a ACES workflow before, coupled with working with the Sony Venice, I’m trying my best to get to grips with this new workflow

I was wondering if anyone had any tips for setting up the correct project in DaVinci Resolve, if there were any tutorials speficially for ACES/Sony Venice workflows I could look at, and/or any other useful tips people would be willing to pass on.

Many Thanks in advance

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(Pablo Garcia) #2

It is the same as with any other Sony camera. I know Sony has been working on an specific Venice IDT but it is not available yet i believe.
If you’re recording XOCN resolve will debayer automatically to linear/ACES. If is XAVC then choos the IDT that matches your recording settings (Slog3/SG3 or Slog3/SG3.cine).

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