SMPTE Webcast: ACES 1.0 Theory and Practice

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(Steve Tobenkin) #1

Listen to the recent Webcast for SMPTE members - generously made public by SMPTE.

In this webcast, a review of current ACES terminology, color-science and workflows will be presented for both novice audiences as well as those already acquainted with pre-release ACES. Then, beginning with the author’s real-world experience, a description of an ACES use-case for theatrical production will be discussed from on-set to post-production and visual effects (VFX) to delivery.

Joel E. Welch - Director of Education, Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers®
Walter Arrighetti - CTO of Frame by Frame,
Francesco Giardiello - Workflow Supervisor and DIT

Listen to the presentation and download the PDF slides here:

Please note: this is a moderately technical dive into ACES. Many users will not need to dive “into the weeds” to actually use ACES, so have a listen and be unafraid! Walter and Francesco monitor this Forum so please feel free to comment and ask questions if you want.

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(Peter) #2

Thanks for sharing the link. Always something new to learn in those presentations. I wish there would be much more like this on the official YouTube channel. These was no update for 8 month at this moment in time.

This presentation should be added there if possible.

Thanks again!


(Steve Tobenkin) #3

Hi Peter,
Thanks for the comments. I need to work out if it’s possible to get permission to post on the ACES channel, but wanted people to have access to this info as soon as possible so I posted here as a link.

There have been some tutorials on “How to do” ACES for a number of products posted recently. Those may or may not be relevant to you and the equipment/software you use.

Appreciate your voice in the conversation.