Preserving the look of sRGB graphics

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(Karas) #21

Since we use substance painter/Mari ,it is PBR already texture tool right?
For example , i set the basecolor to ‘‘Dry sand’’ RGB linear to 0.4, then i load the basecolor texture in maya and set the colorspace to “Utility - sRGB - Texture”, but it dark the basecolor texture again , make it lower than 0.4, does this break the PBR workflow? cause i already set plausible values to the basecolor but ACES make it darker .

THis is the main thing make me confuse about ACES “Utility - sRGB - Texture”
We now use “Output - sRGB” to preserver the value.

(Jose L.) #22

Karas, I just released two filters to deal with this within Substance Painter (and Designer).
“Output - sRGB” is the IDT to use for preserving the tonal range but as you noticed value 0.81 in source texture will be remapped to 1 and values above that (0.81-1.0) fully lost.
“Utility - sRGB - Texture” IDT will make everything darker unless you create your maps from scratch under a display referred view transform like “Output - sRGB”.
With the filters you have both ways while working in Substance Painter. For the “Output - sRGB” IDT I made sure that the inverse RRT fell right into PBR range.
Have a look here, in the next days I will properly make a full post in ACESCentral, so I can get some feedback.