Please welcome Jerome Denjean, our 1000th registered member!

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(Steve Tobenkin) #1

Hi everyone,

Please join me in welcoming Jerome Denjean, Head of CG at Blur Studios in Culver City, California.

He just happens to be our 1000th registered member on ACESCentral!

username: Jerome_Denjean

Jerome told me Blur worked on an ACES project a little while back, and he joined to be sure he stays up on the latest info on ACES.

Please make him feel welcome, and invite others you feel could benefit from joining too.


Steve Tobenkin
ACES Adoption Lead

(Scott Dyer) #2

:tada: 1000! :confetti_ball:

Congratulations and welcome to the ACESCentral community, @Jerome_Denjean!

(Walter Arrighetti) #3

Congrats and welcome to the one-thousandth member of our community, @Jerome_Denjean !
So growing up long.

(Nick Shaw) #4

Welcome @Jerome_Denjean!

(Alex Forsythe) #5

:tada::tada: Welcome @Jerome_Denjean!!! :tada::tada:

(Andy Maltz) #6

Welcome, @Jerome_Denjean !

We’ll send you an ACES hat (or two !)

(Geoff Boyle) #7

Hi Jerome,

A belated welcome, :slight_smile:

(Brian Gaffney) #8

Welcome Jerome to the ACES central community.