New indie horror film "Hoax" benefits from ACES - Article and video!

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(Steve Tobenkin) #1

This is a really informative article about how ACES was used in a recent indie horror film, and shows that the sophisticated color science in ACES can help at all levels of production/post production.

Many thanks to Randi Altman’s postPerspective and writer Debra Kaufman!

There is an accompanying video from the colorist/post supervisor
Peder Morgenthaler, that is available on the Academy Video Channel, where Peder very clearly walks you step-by-step thru his workflow and use of RED 6K+8K files, Resolve, Premiere and After Effects.

Click on the first video in Case Studies section:

Feel free to comment here, Peder has graciously offered to answer questions on their use of ACES.

(Peder Morgenthaler) #2

Thanks for posting that, Steve! Its been a great first-time experience using ACES on Hoax. I’m happy to answer any questions people have about our Premiere / AE / Resolve workflow.

(Peder Morgenthaler) #3

Here are a few images from the film that didn’t make it into the article: