HDR Texture Environment Light

(John Barclay) #1


Apologies if this has been asked before but my search-foo isn’t turning up a decent result. HDR light textures such as those form Hyperfocal Design or wherever must be converted from sRGB to ACES correct?

So is the conversion to be lin-srgb to acescg?



(Thomas Mansencal) #2

Assuming you are using the ACES OCIO Config and/or rendering in ACEScg this is correct!



(John Barclay) #3

Thanks again Thomas!


(Karas) #4

Isnt HDR is 16bit float linear, still need convert?

(Nick Shaw) #5

Even if it is already float linear, if it doesn’t have ACEScg (AP1) primaries, then those need to be converted. The OP referred to the HDRI being in sRGB linear, so although it does not have the sRGB transfer function, it does have sRGB primaries, which need converting to AP1 using a 3x3 matrix, which OCIO can do.

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(Karas) #6

Thanks Nick, its more clearly now

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