DaVinci Resolve DCTL and OFX Plugins

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(Alex Forsythe) #41

Has anyone successfully gotten these running on a Macbook Pro?

I have a Mid-2014 MBP with 16GB RAM and a GeForce 750M. I can get them working if I use the Nvidia web driver and cuda, but I keep running into a major problem. When using DCTL or the OFX Plugin Resolve will suddenly suck all my computer resources and basically lock the machine up. There have been a few instances where I was able to quit resolve and the computer came back, but it’s very annoying.

This happens under both Resolve 14 and 15 so I’m thinking it’s related to the Nvidia Driver. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

(Alex Forsythe) #42

FYI … also the OFX plugin doesn’t seem to be working for me in Resolve 14 Studio. Not sure what the issue is there.

(Scott Dyer) #43

I believe this has been asked and answered multiple times in this thread. The plugin requires Resolve 15 since it calls on the DCTL with #include statements.

(Alex Forsythe) #44

@sdyer Below is the quote from @Paul_Dore that the OFX plugin should work in Resolve Lite and Studio in both 14 and 15.

The point that was addressed was @CharlesBoileau trying to export DCTL out of the plugin in Resolve 14. That obviously doesn’t work because DCTL in Resolve 14 doesn’t support #include statements but I believe the plugin itself should still work on Nvidia systems with Resolve 14 based on @Paul_Dore previous comments.

(Paul Dore) #45

I have the same MacBook Pro. In Resolve, go to Preferences/Configuration and select CUDA for GPU processing mode, and Manual for GPU selection mode. You’ll have to save project and restart Resolve for the changes to take effect. If there is still a problem, it may be an issue with your CUDA driver (or something to do with which macOS you’re running).

The ACES DCTL set requires Resolve 15 Studio to work, but the OFX plugin will also work with Resolve 14 (both Studio and free version).

(Alex Forsythe) #46

Thanks @Paul_Dore

GPU Driver Version: 355.
CUDA Driver Version: 396.148
MacOs Version : 10.13.5 (17F77)

Are you running the Nvidia Web Driver or just the stock MacOS GPU driver? Resolve doesn’t seem to recognize my GPU as Cuda capable with the stock MacOS GPU driver.

Thanks again for the confirmation!

(Paul Dore) #47

My MacBook has CUDA driver version: 8.0.90 and
GPU Driver Version: 10.30.25 355. (though it may be a more up to date version, but renamed so that macOS recognises it).

I’m on macOS version 10.13.4

I think I had issues with the GPU Driver when I updated to High Sierra. There’s a possible work around here:

I would first try install the CUDA driver listed above, and then see it that’s enough to get it working properly.


There’s no need to use the web drivers on a real Mac. I use them on a hackintosh, but not on my MacBook.

High Sierra is the culprit in all this.

(Alex Forsythe) #48

Odd … followed the instructions above and it fixed in the “Update Required” issue when using the mac GPU driver, but Resolve still complained about not being able to find a CUDA compatible GPU. It seems to work as long as I use the Nvidia driver.

(Paul Dore) #49

My set-up is specifically suited for compiling plugins for Resolve, hence the CUDA 8.0.90 driver. Otherwise I would probably use the most up to date versions (provided they work). The throttling issue is something worth approaching either Apple or Blackmagic Design about.