Color Appearance Models, Interpretation Options, and ODTs

(Nick Shaw) #21

Are you able to say what model Truelight CAM is based on?

(Scott Dyer) #22

Although the paper’s abstract makes that claim, I really didn’t find it that much simpler. I think the “simpler” claim comes from the fact that the color and luminance adaptations to the illuminant take place in the same space, unlike CIECAM02 where there is an additional conversion step to Hunt-Pointer-Estevez space before applying the post-adaptation non-linear compression.

That said, at least the formulas are clearly described and the whole this is not all that many steps. I was able to reuse a lot of the CIECAM02 formulas “as-is” (e.g. determining hue quadrature).

(Daniele Siragusano) #23

I am afraid our model is not “directly based” on any other model. Also I think at this point in the discussion it is not helpful to look into other CMS. Rather we are having a very general discussion if the RRT would play well with some sort of CAM… and if the RRT should be mandatory. I also think that CAMs for unrelated stimuli cannot be directly used for this task, without modification…

(Thomas Mansencal) #24

You would not happen to be playing with a Python version right? :wink: