Clarification about ACEScg vs ACES2065-1

(Harryb) #1

Hi guys,

I am trying to make my company to adopt ACES, we have already made the switch on some extend but there is still blurred area that I didn’t get.
We are producing full CG film, occasionally integrated with live footage. We are rendering and comping in ACEScg. In various documents found here it says our delivery should be in ACES2065-1 color space.

My question would be quite simple. Why ? What is the benefits to store deliveries ACES2065-1 rather ACEScg ? ( We are using EXRs as a container )



(Peter) #2

As far as I understand it, it’s just to keep a standard.
If many years from now you need to view that files again, you just need to know that it’s ACES.
Not “which” ACES.
Although I really wonder if that will be the case if RRT and ODTs are changing with versions.


(Karas) #3

We are using ACEScg when rendering,because it is the default setting and not find a way how to rendering out as ACES2065-1 in Arnold , but using ACES2065-1 when write out exr from Nuke to Resolve

(Thomas Mansencal) #4

@Baiking: Generally, you should avoid rendering with ACES2065-1 because it is far from optimal for computer graphics rendering, some RGB colourspaces are performing better than others and ACEScg (AP-1) is greater than ACES2065-1 (AP-0) here. Some reading:



(Karas) #5

Hi Thomas thanks for clarify