After Effects OCIO sRGB Workflow in ACES

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(Gregory J Jones) #1

Hello Everyone,

Using the nuke-default configuration in OCIO, I typically use After Effects to transform work in our studio from the native colorspace (sRGBf) to others (linear, AlexaV3LogC, Cineon), based on the needs of the show.

We are working on an ACES show and I’ll need to do something similar. However, I’m unclear which input space in aces_1.0.3 configuration would correspond with the sRGBf input space in the nuke-default configuration.

Currently, my best guesses suggest either ACES - ACEScg, Input - Generic-sRGB - Texture, or Output - sRGB, but I’m not sure.

Any help regarding this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.