ACEScg for Clarisse iFX

ACEScg Setup in Isotropix Clarisse iFX with OCIO

In the following quick guide, you will be able to setup ACES via OCIO in Clarisse very quickly.

Clarisse works with pre-converted and/or non-pre-converted (converted on the fly) image map files. You do not need to pre-convert your textures (similar to in Maya) and you gain a huge amount of time.

:warning:At the time of this screenshot, I was on 1.0.3. Do not use this version, instead, use 1.1 which can be downloaded here:

Rule of thumb:
• Use Utility-Linear-sRGB for HDR images (.EXR or .HDR etc…)
• Use Utility-sRGB-Texture for LDR Images (low dynamic range) such as 8bit JPG textures
• Use Utility-RAW for linear textures: normal maps, displacement, bump, roughness etc…


• Additionally, here is the link of the official video:
• And here is the official documentation:

I’ve been asked by the Academy moderators to repost on the forum what I shared on the Clarisse and ACEScg Discord server. If you want to join the server, contact me.

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