ACES Primer & Glossary - A comprehensive, non-technical overview of ACES!

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To the ACES community,

Please download and have a look at the ACES Primer as a first step in understanding ACES! ACES Primer_070918.pdf (6.6 MB)

The goal of the Primer is to provide a foundation for using ACES. It outlines the history
of ACES, including why it was developed, as well as its current and future value in
production and postproduction workflows. It should particularly help new users, and those who need to introduce ACES and color managed workflows to less technical members on their team.

We’re also developing a number of practical Quick Start guides for each part of the process and will post those as they become available.

The Primer includes a short Glossary that will help standardize some of the terms we use in this document and our daily work.

As always, comments are welcome, and we appreciate everyone on ACESCentral and in the ACES community that has helped and continues to guide and support existing and new users as we chart this digital path together.

The ACES Team

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