ACES 1.1 Discussion - Tell us what you think!

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(Steve Tobenkin) #1

We’ve just released a minor update to ACES. Details are here: ACES 1.1 now available

This is the place to discuss that update. Tell us what you think of the new parametric Transforms or any of the changes.

The ACES Team

ACES 1.1 Transforms
ACES 1.1 now available
(Tobias Pfeiffer) #2

are you already working on an updated OCIO config?
Is there any ETA on this?


(Thomas Mansencal) #3

Hi Tobias,

Unless somebody else steps up and implement the changes required, it is not going to happen before HPD or I get some free cycles to do so and given we are both extremely super busy, I would recon it is not before a few weeks.



(Tobias Pfeiffer) #4

Hi Thomas,
thank you for the heads up.

(Ssubramanian) #5

Thanks for the heads upon OCIO config for ACES 1.1. Really excited about ACES 1.1 update.

(Marco Sgorbati) #6

Resolve 15 does not work in ACES 1.1 yet, hope in a soon update!