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Post: (Archiving, Restoration) Please use this category for discussion about Archiving, Restoration or Reformatting of motion pictures and other productions. Tech/Engineering Video Game Dev Use this category to talk about ACES and color management in both hardware and software for the video gaming industry. Feedback & Requests Please use this category to provide and discuss feedback on the ACES System, architecture, features, and suggested future enhancements. Please use our tagging system to add tags to the topic to make easier for others to search, and check the subject line of existing posts to see if your topic has already been covered so you can comment or add to an existing thread. Creative Use this category for sharing stories (and footage or images if you have permission) about ACES projects that you're proud of, or how ACES helped you accomplish a particular creative result! Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality Please use this category to discuss Color Management issues relating to Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality. This can on-set or in post, software or hardware related. And of course issue of standards (or lack there of) and the use of ACES in these workflows is encouraged. Cameras/On-Set Post (DI, Edit, Mastering) VFX
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